While visiting family in Illinois, my Aunt and I took the opportunity to head out to a flea market where there are tons of antiques and plenty of people watching.

I love weird things, hand-made wood items and old cars.

Spending the day with my Aunt was a ton of fun and very cold.  We had fun shopping, catching up and meeting new people.

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He’s so talented, he gets us through security faster!

We got to head to Florida for a family vacation to see Greg’s family.  They have lived outside Orlando for a few years now.  They have enough space for us to stay with them.

We were very busy while we were there and got to enjoy so many things.  Since Greg’s sister works at Disney World we are lucky enough (and grateful enough) to get into any Disney park with her.

Greg’s family is always very generous to us, this time was no exception.  They make sure we have a great time and have plenty to eat and have plenty to do!

Of course, Killian probably had the best time of all.  He got to spend time with his cousin Adriana who he absolutely adores and have tons of fun at Disney with his entire family.

Greg and I had fun visiting his family and also had fun at Disney watching everyone else having such a great time.

It really is a magical place.


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