We have found this really nice park near where we are living.  There are tons of things to climb and play on, but more importantly Killian loves it.  We have taken him there a couple of times now since we have had a bit of free time on our hands.

I did not have a job when we moved to Florida.  It was a leap of faith we had to make.  I will be starting a job at Walt Disney World!!!  I am so excited and grateful for this opportunity.




I cannot believe that this is where my career is headed. When thinking about places to work and why… I generally keep “being a stable organization” and “being able to provide for my family” as the two most important things.

When we made the move to Florida, of course I wanted to work at Walt Disney World.  Who doesn’t want to??? 😉  I applied for a number of jobs while in Michigan, had some phone interviews but they never went anywhere.

Now, we have been in Florida for just under a month.  I have been contacted by a recruiter and interviewed with a manager at Disney.  The manager just happens to also be from Michigan – and ALSO WORKED AT FORD!

Small world.

I thought the interview went wonderful.

I went onto another interview after that with a Florida Real Estate Regulation place… The interview there was OK, but nothing exciting.

While I was in that interview I had received a few calls from my recruiter… Disney wanted me!

So, I start on Monday.  I will be a contractor and that is OK, I am used to that life.  BUT OMG – I will be working at Disney!

In an effort to keep Killian’s life as normal as possible we are participating in Halloween this year. We are exhausted and overwhelmed, but that is OK. We carved pumpkins with my niece the other night. This was Killian’s first time. While he had a great time with dad, he did not enjoy how messy the task was.

He is definitely my child.

We let him be his current favourite super hero this year, batman. We quickly learned that Florida requires a costume with less coverage. I felt the outfit was too hot for him. I think it was in the high 70’s!!! Killian did not care. At all. He was more concerned with getting to as many houses as he could.

First Florida Halloween. Success.

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