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First date night in a long time. Japanese Steakhouse, Man of Steel 3-D and some Sake….  We find it challenging to spend time alone since having Killian, but we do our best to make the time and make it happen.  It is hard to have fun without Killian, but at least pick places he might be afraid of … like the burning onion volcano at the Japanese Steakhouse.

First date night in a long time. Japanese Steakhouse, Man of Steel 3-D and some Sake....

first night

It’s the first night in our new house and I cannot sleep. I am too excited to moved in and unpacked!

I brought a load with me and Greg did two loads it was enough to get the work juices flowing and get us excited about what is to come!

Killian is all over the place checking it all out. I think he doesn’t know what to do with all the walking space.

The cats had it rough. It took them about 6 hours to come around but I think they are both alright now! They won’t stop purring and rubbing all over us.

This next week should be exciting.

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I just got back from seeing Elizabeth, my good friend and hair stylist.  I let her chop off ALL of my hair!  (Again!)  My hair used to be to the middle of my back.  I donated all of it to Locks of Love back in 2003.  It was hard to part with my hair and a look I had since high school.

I quickly got used to the short hair and loved how easy it was to take care of.  Also, with it being short, I could let it grow just a little and change the hair style often.  I kept it short and maintained it for a few years… Then I got engaged.

I wanted to let my hair grow so that I could put it up for the wedding.  Once I started to let it grow I realized how much I did not miss having long hair!  It took forever to blow dry and took a lot of shampoo to wash it.  As the wedding grew closer I grew more and more excited of getting rid of it!

I almost got my hair cut while we were on the honeymoon, but then I worried I wouldn’t like th cut.  Greg really didn’t want me to get it all chopped off, but we talked and I told him.

"It is hair if you really hate it I will grow it all back!  Just for you!"

Luckily for him after two days of it all being gone he said, "I like your short hair!  I forgot how cute you were with it!" 

Good, because I am not sure I can ever go back!

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