Sneak peak at Atwater Block Brewery in GPP

Doesn’t it always work out this way… You are getting ready to move 6 states away and an awesome brewery opens up in your small town that week???

In all honesty, they have been working so hard to convert this church in the park into the Atwater Block Brewery for some time now.  Our neighbour Keith that we have become friends with is friends with the owners and shared with us that there would be a preview night for $20, it is all you can drink beer.

All. You. Can. Drink. Beer.


With only a few weeks left in town so many things are happening to make us love it more here.  There is no way we can turn around the wheel now, and to be honest, I wouldn’t.. But I find it so funny that the move has brought out some new friendships and new things about town that we immediately love, like this new brewery and Red Crown restaurant.

We ended up enjoying ourselves so much at Atwater, we barely made it home safely by walking… It was quite hilarious.

First time visiting temple. Learning about the Deities and their legends.

The girls at work took me with them to their temple and a celebration where Divya took the time to explain a lot about the deities and gods that they believe in.  It was interesting to compare some of their stories to the stories from the Bible I grew up learning from.

I received a blessing from their priest who thanked me for attending.

First time visiting temple. Learning about the Deities and their legends.

Today Greg, Killian and I went to church. Killian was so good the entire time. I think he enjoyed the music and singing the most. For me though, I enjoyed the word, along with the meditation and beautiful sunlight coming through the hundreds of stained glass windows.

I needed this so much.

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