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Another great thing about working at Ford is the relationship I built with Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Part of my job there was to report on users buying vehicles with Sirius installed and providing that information to them. Over time I got to know the person at Sirius and he happened to invite me to Game 5 of the ALDS!

I have not been to a Tigers game in a while and what better way to send myself off to Florida than hit up this Tigers Game!

We had decent seats and I did meet quite a few people who I will no longer be working with, but they were very polite anyways. I got to have some great BBQ for dinner thanks to Sirius.

The best thing was that the Tigers BEAT the A’s!!!!

Sneak peak at Atwater Block Brewery in GPP

Doesn’t it always work out this way… You are getting ready to move 6 states away and an awesome brewery opens up in your small town that week???

In all honesty, they have been working so hard to convert this church in the park into the Atwater Block Brewery for some time now.  Our neighbour Keith that we have become friends with is friends with the owners and shared with us that there would be a preview night for $20, it is all you can drink beer.

All. You. Can. Drink. Beer.


With only a few weeks left in town so many things are happening to make us love it more here. ¬†There is no way we can turn around the wheel now, and to be honest, I wouldn’t.. But I find it so funny that the move has brought out some new friendships and new things about town that we immediately love, like this new brewery and Red Crown restaurant.

We ended up enjoying ourselves so much at Atwater, we barely made it home safely by walking… It was quite hilarious.

Out taking a family walk while showing the house. It seems like there isn’t enough places to walk and we ended up feeling like creepy neighborhood crawlers… or something. We want to give as much time as needed for people to look and want to buy our home!!!!

I have been preparing for a moving sale. We have decided to try to take as little furniture as possible with us, so this weekend we will be having a moving sale. I cannot believe all the stuff we have. We are literally piling stuff in the garage as a staging location and plan to organize it all outside once we get rolling.

And yes, I will be accepting credit cards!

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