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I cannot believe we are doing this again.

We are moving.

After thinking, planning and plotting hard, we have decided to move to Florida. There are so many reasons for our decision, but it is our decision.

Our home has been listed on the market for just a few weeks now, but we are hopeful it will sell quick. We put a lot of time and money into the house, enough to have made this short adventure worth it.

We plan to move in October if all goes well, but we need to make the sale!

I love this old Detroit Police car.  It is owned by the owners of Alter Collision Shop.

One day Killian and I were over at the shop getting my car worked on.  Killian started asking the guys about the police car.  So they took us outside to check it out.  The lights and siren had just been refurbished so Killian got to see everything work and check out the inside of the car.

He was on cloud nine.  I love the guys at this shop.  They are honest and want to do what they can do to help get you in and out at a price you can afford but also get your car looking great!

It is amazing who can really come through for you in a time of need.

Lately, a few friends have been here for me no questions asked.  I couldn’t be more grateful for them.  Sometimes things are not easy to talk about.  Sometimes between work and life, I have no energy to explain the “why’s”  I just need help and I need it now.

Thank you so much for you help.

I Love You!

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