where dreams come true

I cannot believe that this is where my career is headed. When thinking about places to work and why… I generally keep “being a stable organization” and “being able to provide for my family” as the two most important things.

When we made the move to Florida, of course I wanted to work at Walt Disney World.  Who doesn’t want to??? 😉  I applied for a number of jobs while in Michigan, had some phone interviews but they never went anywhere.

Now, we have been in Florida for just under a month.  I have been contacted by a recruiter and interviewed with a manager at Disney.  The manager just happens to also be from Michigan – and ALSO WORKED AT FORD!

Small world.

I thought the interview went wonderful.

I went onto another interview after that with a Florida Real Estate Regulation place… The interview there was OK, but nothing exciting.

While I was in that interview I had received a few calls from my recruiter… Disney wanted me!

So, I start on Monday.  I will be a contractor and that is OK, I am used to that life.  BUT OMG – I will be working at Disney!