My name is Shannon; I am from an Island in the middle of Lake St. Clair, in Michigan but I currently live in Central Florida. I love having the opportunity to share my life and memories with my family and friends – just as long as no one takes anything personal and blows crap out of proportion!

I am a graduate of Baker College with a bachelors in Computer Science, Database Technology and an associates in Computer Programming.

When not working full-time at a very Magical Place, I am also an IT consultant.  If you need assistance fixing your computer, lessons on a program you might have or web programming work let me know. For a few years now, I have been known as “the girl that can get rid of all that crap on your computer” by friends, family and coworkers. At least every couple weeks I am at someone’s house or on the phone with them ridding their PC of Browser Hijackers or Spyware or whatever the heck has infested their computer.

After all that.

I am a wife, mother and friend.