We have been in Florida about 10 days. Time to hit up Disney!

Thankfully my sister-in-law Marsha and her boyfriend Craig work at Disney (and I hope to soon as well). They are able to take us to the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot as guests. Since Greg and I are not working at this time, we do not have the kind of money needed to go there. However, we can get in free and can walk around for free… So fun night ahead!

There is something about the Epcot ball (Spaceship Earth) that I find to be beautiful.

We took the journey around World Showcase stopping in various countries to be silly and have a great time. Thankfully everyone we were with were very generous and between all of them, Greg and I did get to have a few drinks on them. We appreciated it greatly. It also helped in maintaining a good jackassery level.

My favorite food taste choice was Canada. They had a delicious Filet Mignon, that happened to win the Showcase award that week. As you can see, these cast members are so proud.

We had a wonderful evening at the food and wine festival. I also want to take a moment to introduce the “disney” tag to the blog. Now that we live here, I think we will be going to the parks a lot more!

With everything that has happened in the last few months, I am so proud of you, Killian.  This boy who has a heart of gold and a soul of a man.  You are so patient, kind and understanding. I love you so much.

More than you will ever . ever .  know.

You turned 4 on October 18. One day after we arrived completely from Michigan.  You are 4 years old and I just cannot believe it.  We didn’t throw you a big party (yet) and we didn’t go all out on a cake, but really? Did you care?  You were so excited and happy.  That is all that matters.

The day after your birthday we took you to Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament.  I do not know if you could have loved anything more. You had so much fun watching the tournament.  You loved the jousting and the knights.

Happy Birthday my son, and I wish you many, many more.



October 14, 2013

Packing up the last of the things for the move, Detroit had to go with us.

The movers came shortly after this box was packed and were not fully prepared for the amount of stuff we had to move.  We hired Mayflower Movers, who did an excellent job, but I think the amount of stuff that was estimated for the moving men was far less that what we had packed.

It took about 5 hours for them to load the truck, all completing inventory at the same time. I was suffering from a huge sinus infection at this time that I think was brought on by stress. We were sleeping on the floor for a number of days and well, moving is stressful.

October 15, 2013
We left our house bright and early in the morning. Thankfully Renee came along for the ride. Greg was driving his car with Sophie, Renee and I took my car with Sal and Sylvia and Killian flew to Florida a few days ago with my sister in law. We hit Kentucky sometime around 2 pm. We were all tired … and I was the worst because I was still sick and couldn’t stand to drive very long (THANK YOU RENEE)

While in Kentucky we took the opportunity to get a meal at Cracker Barrel and see a few things. The changing of the trees to fall was a nice sight since I know it will be some time before I get to take in that sight again. With 2 states down and 4 to go, we knew we had a long night ahead but we had to drive through to Georgia to a pet friendly hotel that I had found and booked online.

October 16, 2013
We got a lot of rest but headed out at a good time. We were able to eat a small breakfast at the hotel to get us going. The cats were not happy to be put back in the car, but we were hopeful that they understood it was only a matter of time before we stopped with the driving.

About 5:30 pm we made it to the Florida state line. Driving through Georgia took some time. At this point we were in the home stretch! Only about 3 hours left to go!!! We will make this. We can do this.

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